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Woozie Has You Covered in 2013
Doing more of what we do best!

Covered ... with Fabulous New Products!

Covered ... with Great Customer Service!

Covered ... with Prompt and Accurate Shipping!

I am sure you have already noticed that Woozie has a fresh, new, colorful look both in packaging and branding and great new products too! We have heard your requests for more insulating items for beverage containers of many sorts and have answered the call. Doing more of what we do best—quality neoprene in trendy patterns and palettes.

New! Hot Beverage Bands for your hot coffee, tea, and cocoa on the go.

New! Cold Beverage Covers for your favorite plastic cups or glasses.

New! Either Or™—the newest innovation from Woozie—is a dual function/all purpose insulator. Our patent pending design allows this insulator to fit EITHER a bottle OR a can! Check it out!

All of the new items as wells as Woozie, the "Original Wine Glass Insulator," are available in a variety of new prints, patterns, expressions and licensed art that all go together to make the perfect party or the perfect gift. Customers can mix and match creating their own theme or style no matter what their guest like to drink. The NEW Calais Collection is sure to turn heads while our newest artist, Deb Eiseman, will make you feel good all over. Our new products can also be customized!

Woozie has been an adventure. When Julia and I started the company just four plus years ago, we had no idea that Woozie would become so popular. You have helped us create a brand, forge a new product category and allow people all over to enjoy fun, functional, and fashionable items as they insulated their wine glasses—and now their bottles, cans, glasses, and cups of various sorts!

Now, browse our website and let us help you with all that is fresh and new at Woozie.